We believe that every wedding should shine.

We know how much planning goes into your wedding. That’s why we work behind the scenes to design beautiful lighting, seamless audio and video, and gorgeous décor and draping to profoundly transform your wedding into a truly memorable event. We have over 15 years experience with a large range of venues, so whether you’re planning an intimate outdoor affair or a large gala, we work with you and your budget to create the perfect atmosphere, for your perfect day.

Here are a few of the lighting effects  we can do at your wedding.


Light and color projected discreetly from the bottom of a wall, tree, column or other architectural element gives added dimension and drama and can be quite stunning. SEE EXAMPLES

Accent Lighting & Pinspotting

Draw attention to a specific element on a table, such as an amazing floral arrangement, or guest seating cards. In an otherwise dark room, pinspotting will add great depth and dimension to your centerpieces  or wedding cake. SEE EXAMPLES

Pattern Wash

This dynamic effect projects patterns and textures that can be directed on wall surfaces, ceilings, floors, or objects. When used on a dance floor, a pattern wash is a great and inexpensive way to create an exciting party experience. SEE EXAMPLES

Monogram & Logo Projection

A couple’s monogram or other iconography can be projected onto a floor, wall, or ceiling in a host of colors. SEE EXAMPLES

Intelligent Lighting

Lights that are programmable with a wide variety of effects and patterns. These are the ultimate party lights, immediately creating a buzz on the dance floor, over the stage or over the entire room! SEE EXAMPLES

Lanterns & Market String Lighting

The most requested lighting technique currently requested is market string lights with our without custom paper lanterns. We can install them indoors and out, as well as in tent interiors. Lanterns come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes to fit most color themes. SEE EXAMPLES

Stage & Dance Floor Lighting

Whether it’s a jazz trio or a rock band having the right look for your stage and dance floor is critical to an event’s success. A full stage wash, is just that, even illumination across the entire stage. Area lighting is for illuminating specific areas of the stage, such as the podium or speakers panel. SEE EXAMPLES

Landscape & Architectural Lighting

Small uplights along a hedgerow, or a stand of trees uplit in various colors can really set off an outdoor party or event by giving a grand sense of scale to the surroundings. Many times pathways and parking areas demand illumination of some sort to define the spaces as well as to provide safety. SEE EXAMPLES

Tent Lighting

The white walls of a tent are a perfect surface for exciting lighting. We can project color and texture adding an important layer to your overall ambiance. In addition, you may want to consider adding a touch of romance with custom chandeliers, or whimsy with colorful paper lanterns floating overhead on market string lights. SEE EXAMPLES


Weddings don’t come to life until you have audio-visual and lighting in place. If you can’t hear the preacher, the bride and groom, the music, there’s really no life to a wedding. Everyone rejoices when they see people in love, and a photo or video montage can assist your guests to feel a sense of connectedness as they get to know the happy couple. Whether you are planning the party of the century, or a small get together, we have quality equipment that can suit your needs to help make your wedding day is spectacular. You have enough to worry about with planning a wedding; you don’t have to be an Audio-Visual Expert, let us handle that.


From grand ballrooms with Crystal chandeliers floating overhead to cozy outdoor weddings with market lights strung through branches, we provide a wide range of décor options to help you set the perfect mood. SEE EXAMPLES


Drapery can serve a number of roles — from creating partitions, to helping with sound absorption, to softening the look of a room or an outdoor venue. We carry a host of colors in everything from velour, topaz and chiffon. SEE EXAMPLES


We have 50,000 square feet of staging and flooring in heights of up to 8 feet. Accessories include, step units, railings, roping, skirting, and podiums.

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