Rental and Sales


We maintain a comprehensive inventory of lighting, audio and video equipment that is available to rent for all types of events, shows and presentations. We cater to production companies, freelance technicials, designers, producers and concert promoters as well as nightclubs, theaters, schools and churches.

  • Moving Lights
  • Conventional Fixtures
  • LED Lighting
  • Control Consoles
  • Dimming Systems
  • Foggers/Hazers
  • Truss, Rigging & Ground Support

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If you need to purchase your own permanent lighting equipment or if you want to stock up on expendables such as gels, tapes (gaffers, electrical, board).lamps, tieline and gobos (custom or standard) we’re happy to facilitate your order. We have access to every major brand and can provide all the latest equipment options. For those designers reselling the equipment, please download this CA Tax Form (link) as to not be charged tax.

In cases of permanent lighting, our production designers will visit your venue and make recommendations based on your needs. Our expert technicians can also install the selected design for you. We’ll work within your budget and often meet tight timeframes.