If you know IMPACT (Lighting | Audio | Video) then you know, we know lighting!

We have come a long way since 1628, here are just a few of the ways.

Yet, there is so much more to IMPACT lighting – so much so, we upped our name game our name to Event Solutions, to tell our whole story. What we won’t forget is that our foundational roots are in lighting and it will always be our core innate mastery of the precise art of lighting and we take immense pride in what we do… 
A little history. “The earliest known definite description of stage lighting may be found in Architectura Civilis (1628; “Civil Architecture”), by Joseph Furttenbach. He describes the use of oil lamps and candles set in a row along the front edge of the stage but out of sight of the audience, and he also mentions vertical rows of lamps behind each wing at the sides of the stage.” (*

Lighting Capabilities

Accent Lighting & Pinspotting
Custom Decor Lighting
Outdoor & Architectural Lighting
Lanterns & Market String Lighting
LED and Eco-Friendly Lighting
Monogram & Logo Projection
Pattern Washes
Stage & Dance Floor Lighting
Tent Lighting
Uplighting/Color Wash
Concert Lighting
Intelligent Lighting

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