The first documented history of sound recording was way back in 1857. Much has changed since then and progress has been exponential, driven by invention, innovation, and commercial introduction of new technologies — the transition from then until now can roughly be divided into four main periods, with the most recent, which we live in now, the Digital era (1975–present). With digital sound technology emerging in the late 20th century, also has the complexity of digital music and online streaming.

It is safe to say that IMPACT grew up in the digital era, our expertly experienced team of audio technicians and engineers ooze sound quality in their veins, drink in the advances of sound advances, and feed off of every bit of new technology available to provide our clients with the best possible sound quality.

Impact’s Audio Department specializes in providing audio design and sound reinforcement for Corporate and Special Events. Whether it is making sure that your dance floor is jumping or that your words are heard crystal clear as they are intended, we love what we do and we think you will too.

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