So many great companies start from humble beginnings, an idea, an innovation or desire to do one thing amazing, IMPACT did just that. After years of evolving to become the premiere lighting service company, which so many of our partners have grown to know and trust, we realized that we had the ability to be more, that we were so much more! And we became IMPACT LIGHTING AUDIO VIDEO.

The single most important thing we have learned after 30 years serving the San Francisco Bay Area Events Industry (plus a little unforeseen down time in 2020) IMPACT will continue to change, to evolve in a way that only experience can provide. We will continue to advance beyond what our name says we are. We are proud to announce that in 2021 we elevated our name to IMPACT EVENT SOLUTIONS, we are the same old IMPACT and we still do all the things we have perfected for over the last 30 years and so, so much more!

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