Neil is our lead economic guru, his financial wizardry is focused on the numbers so we can keep our attention on the client, rather than those pesky complicated calculations. As both VP of Finance & GM Neil is indeed IMPACT’s primary guiding light.


Julie has her eye on the entire client experience from hello to high fives! As the Director of Sales, she leads an elite team of talented people who thrive within the events space with unharnessed innovation, creativity, and unlimited passion for making.


Trent brings a multi-faceted and dynamic outlook to every new challenge. His years of experience and his artistic design-thinking mannerisms help IMPACT produce experiences that are award-worthy! Trent leads his team of Project Managers with the same can-do attitude for the highest level of success.


In the world of events, we all depend on a skilled master electrician to keep the lights on… Kevin is IMPACTs in-house ME, lucky for us we consolidated his vast experience and his massive knowledge base in our warehouse as well. Kevin is a guiding force in both the field and keeping our gear organized.


This guy knows his stuff! That is why our clients adore him as much as we do. Travis has oodles of hands-on experience with every aspect of events from large to small. So it is logical that he is our most senior salesperson, he also supports our PM’s and dives in whenever needed to make sure every event is picture perfect.

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