If you know IMPACT or have spent some time checking out our website, at some point, you would have learned that we have been doing what we do for over 3 decades, in that time we have become a leader in the Bay Area events industry, why?

Because we also have learned 2 very important things in business; 

  1. It is not hard to retain loyal clients…  just exceed expectations!
  2. If you lost a client, it is because you did not, duh.

This is why year after year we take every opportunity to get better, to be better, to grow, and continue to keep exceeding expectations. As a result, we are now an improved version of ourselves, IMPACT Event Solutions is intended to be the one-stop provider to make every aspect of your event seamless, and stress-free. 

Our goal is to provide you expert overall professional direction, this means a directive to all aspects of your event and offer you solutions, designs, or refinements; we fill in details or otherwise provide management with the general scope of work; shift emphasis among work areas or tasks, and supplies similar instruction to the overall event outcome.

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